Land Profits System

Our Land Profits System is a proven method for making profit from land

For over 50 years, property people “in the know” have quietly made massive profits from land they do not own, and never have to buy, to claim their profit. The profits can be made by anyone – without capital and without financial risk – using the methods explained in The Land Profits System ….. methods which have been proved to be effective throughout the UK both by Land Planning Associates and by others who follow our system.

The Land Profits System will enable you to make profits from the development potential of land without EVER investing ANY money in it. (Yes, literally – you will need to invest no money at all in the land which will produce these profits for you.)

If you want to make big profits with NO CAPITAL and WITHOUT RISKING MONEY, consider this opportunity very carefully. Because I assure you that you will NEVER find another no-capital profit opportunity to equal it, or even get close to it …….

No capital needed

You can make these profits without ANY financial risk, and without ANY capital. (The only unavoidable expenses are those which are basic to starting and running ANY business …. a telephone, stationery, etc.) You won’t need special premises, nor will you need any technical skills like plan-drawing, because they are simply not necessary to make the profits.

The Land Profits System uses a combination of two of the most powerful profit tools available to the land and property speculator – a method of taking control of land without owning it, and specialised knowledge which allows you to dramatically increase the value of the land, thereby creating your profit. (What amazes us with other so-called profit opportunities we have seen is that it is often not even clear where the profit is going to come from!)

Land Planning Associates has been generating land and property profits FULL TIME throughout the U.K. since 1989 …… including in the early 1990’s in what was widely claimed to be the worst property recession for 60 years! … using the methods explained in The Land Profits System. Be assured that there is NO other business opportunity to equal the profits available, and certainly no equal profit opportunity with no need for capital.

EVERY TIME you see even a single house built, someone has made an enormous profit from the land it is built on. Someone is going to make that profit, and it might as well be you. But there are many other kinds of development which are far more profitable than building plots – barn conversions, sites for car boot sales and Sunday Markets, farm parks, sand and gravel quarrying, waste tipping … the list is virtually endless. The Land Profits System works in the same way for them all.

Just occasionally, there is an opportunity to make 6 or 7-figure profits.

In 1997, we increased the value of £100,000 worth of agricultural land to £2.1million by winning permission to quarry sand and gravel on it and then landfill the hole with waste. We took on that project for 20% of the profits because we knew we could win. (You will know that too when you have read The Land Profits System. Try a few easy ones before you target those kind of profits, but the methods we used were simply those revealed in The Land Profits System.)

The key to success and to being able to make six-figure profits “in one go” is to make a start and increase the size of your projects gradually and safely. If you are prepared to do that, we can offer you this absolute assurance: –

Whatever the size of the land or the type of development, the methods work in exactly the same way. So you can start quickly and carefully by making profits from single building plots and then move on to bigger and more profitable deals whenever you are ready.

What you will learn

The Land Profits System will teach you, step by step and in full detail, how YOU can make big profits from land without owning it, starting with single building plots and moving on to land with bigger and even more profitable development potential whenever you are ready.

It explains everything you need to know to make big profits from land WITHOUT CAPITAL … and to carry on making them as long as you choose. Furthermore, you can use the methods AGAIN AND AGAIN to generate profits from land you never own.

By starting with building plots, you can start making land profits while you are still learning. And you can move on to bigger projects and even bigger profits once you have gained experience with building plots.

By following the clear instructions in The Land Profits System, you will be able to:

  • IDENTIFY the best locations in your area to start
  • FIND the land which will make the biggest profits for you
  • TAKE CONTROL of the land without buying it
  • INCREASE the value of the land dramatically by confirming its development potential
  • CLAIM your PROFIT by effectively selling the land without ever buying it.

The Land Profits System explains how to achieve all of that, and how to exploit your new knowledge to maximum advantage. And every time you target these profits, you will know in advance that there is an excellent chance of making them.

We have generated profits of £1,029,245 from land that was initially worth £14,755, profits of £884,487 from land that was initially worth £3,582, profits of £55,195 from land worth just £2,408, £185,000 from land worth £20,000, £376,000 from land worth £24,000, not to mention land sold for £2.01 million having been bought for less than £125,000.

We will explain how YOU can do that too. But we have also enjoyed a LOT of successes which, although less “spectacular”, still produced profits of thousands of pounds for a few hours work. It is those fast, simple, and straightforward profits that we will teach you to make first.

You will progress naturally and safely from those to development opportunities which can produce profits of tens or even hundreds of thousands of pounds, always without capital and always without financial risk. (And it’s an absolutely ideal business to start in your spare time.)

The LAND PROFITS SYSTEM explains, step by step and in FULL DETAIL, how YOU can start making big profits from land and property without owning it, starting with single building plots. It explains everything you need to know to start making profits … and carry on making them as long as you choose. There are NO OTHER CHARGES you have to pay us to start making profits from building land without capital. And, once you understand it, you can use the method AGAIN and AGAIN.

You can also use the same system to profit from other kinds of land and property development opportunities, without ever investing your own capital and without ever having to buy the land or property. (But start with single building plots because you have to learn to walk before you can run !)



Here it is, in writing. (Don’t bother looking for a catch because there isn’t one. We use plain English, and the ordinary meaning of the words applies) :


Follow the instructions with the enthusiasm required to make any REAL profit opportunity work, and you’ll soon find your first profit opportunity and be on the way to making a very big profit from your first deal – the first of many.

To obtain your copy of The Land Profits System, simply forward a written request with your remittance for £147 (which includes postage and packing).

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And remember – you cannot lose with the benefit of our FULL REFUND GUARANTEE which is included in this section.

The sooner you start, the sooner the profits will start to arrive!

P.S. This amazing system has been much copied by others who seek to present it as their own. Ensure that you purchase the ORIGINAL, devised by Land Planning Associates founder Trevor Dennington, published since 1989. We can only offer support for purchasers of our original system.