No Win–No Fee

The benefits of No Win–No Fee contracts

When we offer to conduct your project on No Win–No Fee (NWNF) terms, our planning consultancy fees are waived, and a specified fee is payable ONLY when we win the planning permission for you. So you will pay us NO FEE for our time and expertise unless we WIN your valuable planning permission.

Our NO WIN–NO FEE terms can therefore remove the biggest cost risk for our clients, who can then pursue planning permissions for residential and all other kinds of valuable development secure in the knowledge that they will pay our fee ONLY for success – and will then pay it from profits that we have made for them by winning value-enhancing planning permission for their land at our risk.

How our No Win–No Fee terms are set

Success-related fees for NO WIN–NO FEE appeals are set by undertaking an Initial Assessment to examine your development proposal in the context of local planning policies, national planning policies, other material planning considerations, and reasons stated by the planning authority for rejecting your development proposal. The success fee required will be determined by the results of the Initial Assessment, by Land Planning Associates’ estimate of the time and other costs, risk, and potential financial gain involved in pursuing the planning permission.

Success fees are assessed individually for each project. There is no percentage or other formula. Upon receipt of our assessment and terms, you can decide whether you wish to proceed. You are committed to nothing, other than the assessment, until you enter into a contract with us.

No Win–No Fee terms are normally appropriate only for planning appeals and the pursuit of planning permissions offering a substantial capital gain. Shared risk terms may also be offered if NWNF is not appropriate.

How to apply

If you would like us to consider pursuing your planning permission on NWNF or shared risk terms, simply complete the Free Assessment form.

When we offer you NWNF terms, we will usually also offer you normal time-based terms AND Contingency Fee terms – a “halfway house” between normal terms and NWNF. The choice will then be entirely yours, depending on how much risk you want to accept for your appeal, and how much you would prefer US to take for you.

Whichever terms you choose, our promise to you is the same …..

If it is possible to win your planning permission, we WILL win it for you …And if we can’t win it, it is unlikely that anyone else will be able to.