Become a part-time Agent for us in your area and 30% of the profits made from clients you introduce could be yours as a SECOND INCOME for very little time and effort, because all of the professional planning work is done by us.

Our local Agents promote our service locally following straightforward and economical methods explained in detail in our brief Agency Manual. They then receive 30% of the success fees generated from all projects they introduce.

Expenditure on promotional activity is very much a personal decision for you. And it can be anything from next to NIL upwards (yes, really – Zero expenditure apart from a few postage stamps! – using methods explained in our Agency Manual.)

Our service is easy to promote because it allows owners to target the massive profits available from winning permission to develop their land ….. without financial risk ! It therefore attracts all kinds of clients – from individuals with large gardens to builders, developers, and farmers controlling huge areas of land.

If you would like to be part of a successful land planning business delivering proven serious profits, with overheads which are insignificant compared to almost any other business, it is on offer NOW, and we can normally get you up and running within 10 days of receiving your application.

A copy of our 8-page Agency information brochure and application form can be obtained by e-mailing a request.

There are plenty of ongoing and very profitable opportunities in your immediate area. We have even succeeded with extremely valuable new building plots in London (East Sheen and Wembley), one of which was owned by our Agent there and made him £200,000!

Agency areas available are limited, and we need only one Agent in each area, so it is “first come-first served” for a profit opportunity that we have proved to be VERY exceptional indeed !

Order our 8-page Agency Information Brochure NOW, and then decide whether you want a share in the massive profits available from winning permission to develop land.