Successfully winning planning applications and appeals since 1989

Land Planning Associates have won planning permissions of all kinds of planning applications throughout England and Wales over the past 27 years, achieving some outstanding successes which have included winning planning permission for a £300,000 building plot on garden land in Surrey that was outside any town or village and classed as Open Countryside and Green Belt!

The law on re-opening old planning permissions was changed after LPA “resurrected” planning permissions for Suffolk sand and gravel quarries that were granted permission when Winston Churchill was Prime Minister of Great Britain. The land was bought for less than £125,000 and sold for £2.01 million following the granting of lawful development certificates for renewed quarrying and new permission for post extraction landfilling with inert waste. Learn how to make a profit from old planning permissions with our Land Profits System, or use our expertise to do it for you.

Operating since 1989, and nationally since 1991, Land Planning Associates has issued planning advice and won planning permission for residential development throughout the whole of the UK. In 2001 the Advertising Standards Authority accepted that Land Planning Associates could claim to match the planning expertise of planning authorities when its advertising claims of success were reviewed.

Just a few of our many successful projects

  • Residential building land in CORTON, Suffolk: permission had been refused six times and twice on appeal before the owner came to us!
  • Residential conversion of a Wainhouse (open-fronted cart lodge) at ABBERLEY, Worcestershire
  • Extension and conversion of redundant factory to form 64-bedroom Residential Care Home in the countryside at HUNDON, North Yorkshire
  • Replacement of derelict cottage with new bungalow in countryside at ISLEHAM, Cambridgeshire
  • TV film studio in open countryside at WALSHAM LE WILLOWS
  • Donkey Sanctuary on Appeal at SAMBOURNE, Warwickshire (in Green Belt and a Special Landscape Area!)
  • The first and only Paintball site approved in the whole Mid Suffolk council area, in woodland at TOSTOCK
  • Equestrian livery and Arabian Stud Farm in open countryside at CHEVINGTON
  • Offices in PLYMOUTH (on appeal) … without a £9,000 contribution demanded for a Park & Ride scheme
  • Industrial development of former nuclear missile base at WALSHAM LE WILLOWS – with £12,000+ appeal costs
  • Resurrection of 1954, 1958, and 1965 planning permissions for extraction of over 1,300,000 tonnes of sand &gravel at WETHERDEN via applications for a Certificate of Lawfulness of Proposed Use of Development and planning appeals … plus permission for post-extraction LANDFILL, adding £4,540,000 to the gross development value of the permission
  • Permission on Appeal for a Waste Transfer Site at LISSINGTON, Lincolnshire (according to them, the first planning appeal that Lincolnshire County Council had ever lost!)
  • Lawful Development Certificate for two flats created in an agricultural barn at WINGRAVE, Buckinghamshire. (The council withdrew from a Public Inquiry, and agreed to pay our costs, four weeks before the Inquiry was due to start, following advice from a Barrister that it would lose the appeal at the Public Inquiry and probably be ordered to pay our costs for unreasonable behaviour.)

Much more detail of our successful track record is available upon request.